I am:

  • A (post-medium or new media) writer and artist — I paint when it needs to be painted, program when it needs to be programmed, and chicken scratch on the notebook in my purse when there’s nothing else
  • Insecure about my lack of geekiness
  • Very confident, but not all that arrogant. I like people and myself; hard to tell which I like more
  • Technically strawberry blonde, but I avoid sunlight, so people think I am a redhead
  • Soulless
  • In love
  • Very close with my family
  • In remission from depression for 4+ years and counting!
  • Gay but not that into labels
  • Spyro the Dragon
  • Existentialistic verging on hedonistic
  • The same exact horoscope sign as you. P.S. I am lying
  • A QOTSA fan

I like to:

  • Watch the L Word and Mr. Robot
  • Write
  • Face paint
  • Invent elaborate fantasies in which I have magical powers but am limited in a way that keeps me balanced and interested in continuing my current life rather than just making lakes of jello and a pet unicorn
  • Drink
  • Manage websites
  • Seduce
  • Win arguments in my head
  • Wear high waisted skirts with crop tops
  • Spend all night talking with one person, sharing secrets and metaphysics, all to forget names by morning