Sami Peterson

Like many native San Diegans, Sami loves and hates the sprawling city with its beers aplenty and pot-bound politics. Since the inhabitants are ill-equipped to expatriate (WEATHER? WHAT IS WEATHER?? IS IT RAINING AGAIN? I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS) she decided to gather together a survival guide. If you think this blog suffers from a lack of profanity (and brevity) then follow Sami on twitter.  She quotes zany San Diegans just like you! @samiHeardYouSay It’s all stuff other people say so don’t take it too seriously.

Where’s the ACTUAL Survival Guide Though?

You expect me to spoon-feed you all the best places to go & things to do in the form of a weekly, budget-conscious itinerary?  Well, ok. Get it here. The guide is suffering from deep self-esteem issues because no one is signing up and has gone into hiding. This is probably because email is dead. Bear with me while I figure out how to use my smart phone for something other than facebook and I’ll cook up a suitable alternative. For now, just weekly, well-written blog posts. You’re welcome. Love and crap, – sami Sami Peterson

Other Projects

Divinora – Art Projection / VJ (events are usually local, check it out) @samiHeardYouSay Snapchat: sami.snaps (any snaps from strangers are fair game for me to screencap and post to the internetz, be warned)
Google+ – So you can recognize my face inside your Google. Not very active….yet?

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