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Everything is changing!

I’m changing the way I run things here. You can still like me on facebook and give me your email address…something big is about to happen…

Where’s the Survival Guide?

Option 1: Like my page on Facebook. Done.
Option 2: Receive the guide by email. Details below.

Shoot me a message and I will personally send the weekly Survival Guide to you from my email account and I will make sure you’re in on the next big thing.


What to Expect

  1. You send in your email address and wait ever-so-patiently for a reply.
  2. I see it come through in my inbox and try not to get distracted from my day job as I clap my hands in glee.  New friend! (Or old friend found my website!!)
  3. I let you know I got your message and that I’ve added you to the San Diego Survival Guide folder in my contacts list.
  4. Every Thursday night I send out a new “Survival Guide” so you can start to plan for Friday.  Woo party!

    Making weird faces.

    This is my party face.

I don’t have a newsletter software, so you’ll just be getting messages straight from my email.  When you fill out that form up there, wordpress sends me a note.  I grab your email address, add it to my contacts, and blam, I know where to send the weekly itinerary.

I thought about using a newsletter service (there are free ones), but I’d have to send people over to a new page to get their email address, then I’d have to learn how to use the software, and then I’d never see any replies if you wanted to message me directly….

So, I’m using the built in forms made available by wordpress to safely collect your email address.  Then I send out an email. Easy! (Hopefully.)

SAMI, Why Do I have to Sign Up / Why Not Just Post the Guide?

And give it to all the tourists??

That’s the main reason why I only send the Guide through email and the facebook page.  I don’t want the whole internet to know where I’m hanging out all week.  (By the way, the Guide is a list of suggestions and even I don’t follow it religiously.  That said, you’ll probably be able to stalk me if you start going to the places I recommend.)

And I also wanted this page to be fun to read by everyone – not just a list of places and dates and wacky asides.  I know some of my posts will only make sense to San Diegans, but I also plan to write about my life.   I have a lot of thoughts and emotions and stuff…

<3 sami
Sami Peterson

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