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Hello My
Name Is. . .


Beyond comparison, HELLO MY NAME IS… reinvents events as you know them. Why waste time networking for hours with people you’re tired of seeing at marketing summits and conferences?  You can gather just beyond the grave for a party that will really let us bare our souls. Watch your colleagues die* all around you and the fates battle over our final resting places in the war of Heaven vs. Hades.

Each participant will be given the opportunity to Meet Grim and choose a cause of death. Will you choose poison? Pain? Passion? Then, Judgement will determine if you wear a white sash or red. Will angels fall? Will devils rule? Which side of the pearly gates is more fun?

*Death may or may not be simulated.


Attire is business festive but first-time attendees often request a more detailed guide to fitting in the diverse crowd of HELLO MY NAME IS… We agree you may want to make an effort to blend in with our veteran demons and angels.

  • If you are most comfortable in your usual business frocks, such wear makes an excellent starting point for your outfit. We suggest embellishing a button-down or dapper suit with a sequined hat or glow sticks. Empower a slinky cocktail dress with combat boots.
  • Both hellscape and heavenly clouds make for uneven terrain and harbor serpents. Choose proper footwear and leave your office heels at home.
  • Though beginner attendees fall back on mere tidy presentation and a clean-cut look, our most popular registrants accessorize with bold or even over-the-top eyeliner, tails, and horns!
  • The word burner comes to mind for some reason…
  • No celestial being or hellhound is offended by human cosplay — in fact the undeads are a touch narcissistic and take such mimicry as the best of compliments. Wear feathered wings or jagged claws if you feel like it!


2pm to 5pm – Staff and “volunteers” arrive to transform the property into a purgatorial wonderland.

5pm to 7pm – Campers arrive early to set up their tents while there’s still light (though for the authentic “I’m in a hell of my own incompetence” experience we recommend setting up in the dark).

Nighttime to SunriseHELLO MY NAME IS… main event features many enjoyments ongoing throughout the night:

  • The War of Heaven and Hades: Organic and original game of intrigue and chance. This is the one where people die.
  • birthday-devilVIPs meet in Celestial Room to enjoy the NOt Enauph Oxygen bar
  • Alcoholic refreshments. While supplies last OR bring your own.
  • Sell your soul to the devil (for a shot of Fireball)
  • Sell your soul to your friends (for sexual favors? burritos? empty promises?)
  • Meet and greet reps from each of the 7 Sins
  • Art installations
  • DJs and performances
  • Drunken speeches
  • Debauchery
  • Death

The Dead Hours – Sleep, fuck, go home, don’t go home, whatever.

Morning to sometime in the afternoon that pushes the boundaries of what is courteous and fair to our host – Hangers outers make themselves breakfast and exchange vacant hungover stares


Register your interest in providing entertainment or artistic value to this event by filling out the form below (or send a Facebook message / comment on the event). Accepting:

  • Decorations
  • Dioramas
  • Paintings
  • Performances
  • Happenings
  • Things that will confuse the trippers
  • Tripping as a performance piece
  • Objets d’art
  • Monologues
  • Anything weird and/or wonderful

[art applications are closed]


All registration is managed completely through Facebook.

It is highly recommended you RSVP Yes even if you feel like you’re a Maybe kind of person, because the birthday hosts will be so smammered they’ll probably think you made it anyway, and who are we kidding, they’re the only people you need to please for this whole thing.


VIP Registrants will receive a badge which provides exclusive access to facilities, including the Celestial Room, a place for guests to achieve an exalted and peaceful state. Join fellow VIPs at the hip NOt Enauph Oxygen* bar and enjoy this comforting, elegantly white-furnished space.

  • Donate any amount using the Paypal address below or by bringing cash to the event to qualify as a VIP
  • Donate at least $15 AND prior to 7pm on Monday, June 2nd Thursday, June 5th for a quality laminate badge with printed name of your choice on a lanyard
  • Donate late or less than $15 and staff will scrawl VIP with a marker on your regular shitty nametag sticker
  • Bring a generous cash donation the day of because Paypal deserves to burn in hell and you just don’t want to support them in any way….and you will receive a quality laminate badge with a delightfully creative spare moniker. While supplies last.

Be sure to specify names or nicknames as you would like them to appear on your badges by notifying Coordinator Sami Peterson via Facebook Message.

[donations are closed]

Suggested donation is $10-20.

*By “oxygen” staff very exactly means a shit-ton of NO2. Your donations fund this bar and also the port-o-hells. Should these plastic shit bins be protected by a whip-wielding demon who gives priority to VIP guests? Yes, yes I think so and I already have a volunteer demon.

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