Help Me Party Harder

Sign this petition to allow a 4AM last call.


Only 980 signatures needed at the time of this writing.  Thanks!

Reasons to sign:

Robert Dippell SAN FRANCISCO, CA
Bars closing later will allow people to leave at a staggered pace rather than all pour out at 2am on the dot. This is safer for bar patrons and less obnoxious for local residents.

Barry Synoground SAN FRANCISCO, CA
I want San Francisco and California to be international destinations with thriving late night culture.

I am a promoter for night life events, I really think that having a 4 am last call would put us on par with the rest of the world, attracting not only more local business, but more international interests in moving night life business into California.

2:00 closing is embarrassing for world-class cities like LA and SF. It reduces the amount of night-life fun people can have, and wastes a ton of potential business revenue.

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