I was going to post on Tuesday, but I built a dresser. It is beautiful. It only took me 4 hours. 
Friends of mine from places like Oregon *caughAlexDialcough* try to say that 44 degrees is not that cold.  Relatively, no, it is not. But experientially, for us San Diegans, it is THE MOST TERRIBLE COLD WHYYYYYY.

Consider this:

In places where snow is normal, you go out into the cold to do a thing for a maximum of, I don’t know, an hour.  You put on your booties and your snow sweater (IDK what these things are, I don’t need this knowledge) and you think to yourself, balls, it’s cold. Then you go back inside where it’s warmer and chill out on your smart phone or go shopping, okay?

IN SAN DIEGO, the experience of cold is inescapable.

We do not have heaters in our houses because they broke a long time ago, who needs them. Or if we do, turning them on and using them is not in our budget because it’s NOT SUPPOSED TO GET BELOW 60 DEGREES oh my god EVEN 50 DEGREES WOULD BE REASONABLE AT THIS POINT. Also rent is exceptionally high here (a lot of things are not in our budgets…)

We do not have warm weather clothes because they do not exist in San Diego. There is no room for these things in our closets (or budget, again). Even if you want them, you’re not going to find them at the mall. Our flannels are optimized for beachy breeze weather, not snow. Our scarves are made of light, breathable fabrics. You will find flimsy sacks of sadness, not rugged trench coats, at Macy’s. You have to go somewhere extreme like REI to find anything, and it won’t be fashionable. So you don’t buy these things. You put on your jeans and your sweatshirt and hope for the best.

Then we sit in our 44 degrees (same as outside) homes under a pile of blankets (also not exceptionally warm blankets). This is our lives for hours and hours on end. We don’t know what we’re supposed to do. Maybe if I put two pairs of socks on it will help? Why does my nose feel like an ice cube?

44 degrees would not be a big deal if I had a fortress of warmth. But I don’t. I will go make more tea with the microwave and try to convince the cat to cuddle me.



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